Black Cohosh Tea for Anxiety Relief

Since the time of ancient civilizations, herbal teas have been used for their great benefits and still continue to hold a prominent purpose in the lives of many today. In fact, despite the availability of over-the-counter medications, many people have found a preference for natural supplements and remedies. Supplemental teas have become increasingly popular as well due to their convenience and effective results on the body. For those who are looking for a natural herbal supplement to help strengthen the body against feelings like anxiety, black cohosh is definitely a brew that is worth looking into.

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Causes of Anxiety

Many will be surprised to know that feelings of anxiety are not only common, but in many circumstances they are also normal. Anxiety, which is an umbrella term that can encompass feelings of stress, fear, or unrest, can be caused by a great number of things and each case will vary depending on the individual. Although feelings that come with anxiety are unpleasant and unwelcome, most people experience some form of anxiety during some point of their lives. In some cases however, people can develop anxiety disorders which can be far more serious.

Drinking Black Cohosh Tea

With mild feelings of anxiety, many herbalists have found black cohosh tea to be extremely effective in helping to reduce feelings of tension, stress, and worry. The relaxing properties of black cohosh, brewed into a soothing cup of tea can help many ease away unwanted and troubling feelings of the mind. This is particularly true for women who experience anxiety as a result of hormonal imbalances due to its mild estrogenic properties on the body. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or those who are on medications to take black cohosh tea without consulting with a physician prior.